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Spring 2018: Brianna Cooney

Over spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to Milan and Venice as part of the rFLA course The Italian Imaginary. This field study was conducted by the English department; however, it was incredibly applicable to my studies in art history. 

This trip was a truly eye-opening and transformative experience for me as I was able to connect things that I have learned throughout my four-years in Art History courses to physical artworks, churches, and cultural monuments. It is always so rewarding to be able to see the art that I study in person. 

This field study was perfect as we had the ability to visit museums and churches that contained amazing examples of Italian art. One of my favorite site visits occurred at the Duomo in Milan. The scale of the cathedral was incredible, and it is amazing how construction took almost six centuries. Our tour guide also studied Italian Renaissance art history when she was in school, so we immediately bonded. Throughout the tour she would ask the grou…

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